The Role of Informing Systems in Securing Sanity and Wisdom of the Globalizing Society in the Context of Civilization Sustainability in the 21st Century: The Case of Poland

Andrew S Targowski, Henryk Krawczyk
InSITE 2018  •  2018  •  pp. 908

[This Proceedings paper was revised and published in the 2018 issue of the journal Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology, Volume 15]

To monitor Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) established by the United Nations through the hierarchical architecture of informing systems

The paper discusses the case of Poland and its Gdansk region

The method of debating is based on the set of SDG and their monitoring via the hierarchical architecture of informing systems which include Big Data, Management Dashboard and so forth.

The solution combines the big-picture of civilization with small-picture of a nation, regions, cities, and firms

The presented solution can be implemented if the political will can be secured.

Take the main idea of this paper and adapt to your local case.

Develop some prototypes of presented informing systems and test in your local environment

The success of the sustainability of globalizing society can be secured if the coherent informing systems can be applied to the planning, monitoring, and implementation of the UN's universal SDG.

Work on the modeling of costs and benefits of the presented solution.

Sustainability, Globalizing society, Sustainability Development Goals, informing systems, population bomb, ecological bomb, strategic resources depletion bomb.
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