Informing on a Rugged Landscape: How Complexity Drives Our Preferred Information Sources

Grandon Gill, Matthew Mullarkey, Ronald K. Satterfield
Informing Science: The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline  •  Volume 21  •  2018  •  pp. 001-018

Provides a theoretical model as to where we should source our information as the environment becomes more complex.

Develops a theoretical model built on extrinsic complexity and offers a conceptual scheme relating to the relative value of different sources.

The paper is purely conceptual in nature.

Develops a model that could be tested relating to where clients should search for information.

Arguments can be made that different environments warrant different priorities for informing sources.

Assess how your sources of information match your perceived environment.

Consider developing research designs to test the proposed model.

Offers a new way of thinking about informing sources.

Develop propositions from the model that could be empirically tested in future research.

Extrinsic complexity, environment, informing sources, client, informer
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