Importance of Aviation Management Research

Dennis Kira, Golnaz Rezai, Raafat George Saadé
ICAO Scientific Review: Analytics and Management Research (ceased publication)  •  Volume 1  •  2019  •  pp. 001-015
Despite growing interest and an incremental increase of published material on civil aviation, the bulk of existing research remains focused on topics related to operations and technical training. This significant shortage of literature on civil aviation management issues. This study addresses the shortage of aviation management research and encourages research work in this field.
The aviation industry’s socio-economic impact at both the domestic and global level should not be underestimated or dismissed to the side-lines. As air transport demand grows at a faster rate than system capacity, an efficient and effective management of system capacities becomes essential to the operation and wellbeing of the future global air traffic system. Although research spanning the past three decades has made significant progress in the relevant research fields of air traffic flow management and airport capacity modeling, research on topics of air traffic management significantly lacks in methodological quality and rigor.
This study examines published research on civil aviation management and groups the existing literature into five distinct journal categories. The purpose of this category breakdown is to investigate the lack of published material and research being conducted on civil aviation management.
This paper highlights the current gap in literature, and calls on academics and industry professionals to take heed of the potential for investigating and conducting research on topics related to the aviation management sector.
The findings of this paper confirm that there is an incipient yet rapidly growing demand for creative, realistic and meaningful research to be conducted on aviation management. More importantly, it outlines how the aviation management industry has the potential to significantly contribute to the development of new business opportunities that are based on ICAO strategic objectives.
The onus is on scholars and industry professionals to address the existing gap in civil aviation management research and to recognize that the domain ties to advancing ICAO’s strategic goals. They should also recognize that aviation management is fundamental to the advancement of the aviation industry as a whole.
Aviation management, journal review, research, ICAO strategic goals.
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