Nalini Arumugam
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 2  •  2018  •  pp. 037-047

This research will explore the factors that determine the level of adoption and participation in sustainability practices among the local dairy farmers in Malaysia.

Sustainability is often aimed at a solution in most fields: economics, social, and ecological welfare. Sustainability is known as the best technique to practice farming, which ensures the continuity of the practices, guarantees the continuous access to economic resources; the social well-being of the people; and also the preservation of the environment. In order to improve productivity of the dairy industry in Malaysia, it is important for the dairy farmers to be encouraged to embrace the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in their management of farm operations.

Data were collected with the use of well-structured questionnaires. The face-to-face interview was conducted for 167 dairy farmers from six selected states in Malaysia. Likert-like scale was used to determine the practices that were adopted by the dairy farmers. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive analysis and regression.

This paper attempts to bring into focus the sustainable practices in farming industry especially local dairy farmers in Malaysia. It also helps to prioritize the determinants which mainly influence the sustainability in dairy industry.

The findings suggest that the most significant element contributing to sustainability in the Malaysia’s dairy industries was environmental sustainability. It can be concluded that farm sustainability, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability variables explained about 42.6% of the variance that reflected sustainability.

The overall findings revealed that the entire element gave a significant role in the sustainability of the dairy industry. It is suggested that the industry in Malaysia develops over time towards sustainability.

There is need for measuring sustainability thoroughly in every aspect and separately measured the sustainability determinants.

Adopting the good management practices in improving the production by potentially revealing the dairy farmers sustainable operation practices, give benefits determinants influences dairy farmers adoption of sustainability practices; and also insights into the decision making process of dairy farmers in adopting sustainability practices.

Cross Regional study will provide better insights on intensifying the determi-nants of sustainability and improving the livelihood of small farmers.

Sustainability, Sustainability Development, Dairy Farmers, Agribusiness
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