Prafulla K Padhi
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 2  •  2018  •  pp. 087-103

The objective of this research is to analyze the literature to-date thoroughly and conceptualize a born-global speculative start-up (BGSS) pervasive phenomenon model.

The concept of ‘Born-Global’ or International New Venture (INV) firm was introduced into business theory in 1988. Over the last decades BGSSs such as Apple, IBM, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and many others have emerged effecting everyday life incomparably by contributing millions of people employment and making significant difference through corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the global community at large. Pervasive technologies and pervasive advertising has played a pivotal role informing the BGSS stakeholders, especially consumers, influencing pervasiveness in the contemporary society. Even though researchers have made invaluable contributions in the field of born – global and entrepreneurship, strikingly to date, the literature is void of a holistic model for BGSS pervasive phenomenon.

A thorough literature is provided and a holistic model is conceptualized.

This research makes several contributions to born-global and entrepreneurship literature. It identifies mantras to build and sustain ventures from scratch to global giants. BGSS pervasive phenomenon is a brand-new perspective in the academic research. This research contributes worthwhile insight on how the BGSS pervasive phenomenon is created by the application of pervasive technologies and pervasive advertising for various industries. Venture consonance comprising five essential elements and its interaction is presented to demonstrate the pervasive phenomenon process. The relevant insights described in this paper are useful lessons to entrepreneurs regarding BGSS creation and success. This field of research and researchers interested in the phenomenon would benefit from having access to BGSS, as a common terminology.

This study is the first to validate that BGSSs are successful in creating the pervasive phenomenon through pervasive technologies applications and pervasive advertising. The findings of this research provide information and engagement with the stakeholders of various industries providing advantage to global community. Research shows special traits such as acumen, tenacity, passion, persistence and commitment with deeper conviction of the founder (s) is required to build and sustain BGSS. The research findings also indicate that the investors provide significant value-added attributes and engage with various stakeholders, particularly top leadership team (TLT), in addition to adequate funding for the success of BGSS. The key word is pervasive indicates that a phenomenon is experienced because of technologies permeates all aspects of human lives.

TThe process of pervasive technologies and pervasive advertising in practice need to be applied for the good of the society at large. The role of entrepreneurial incubators could be helpful to understand why they are significant to pursue BGSSs pervasive phenomenon. Entrepreneurs need to interact proactively with relevant geo-graphical government agencies to obtain access to logistics and resources in a seamless manner, particularly for the internationalization process, for BGSSs to provide value to various countries.

Research on BGSSs for other industries that affects daily lives of the global community should be carried out to enrich the findings of the stakeholder engagement for the creation of pervasive phenomenon. Based on the above recommendation, a question is worthwhile to investigate: How are stakeholders in various industries engage in the creation of BGSS pervasive phenomenon.

BGSSs are of great significance for the contemporary society from economic point of view making intrinsic difference in the lives of people. Sustainable BGSS is paramount because it can lead to a socially, environmentally sustainable society, and would increase awareness among various cultural communities globally.

Scholars should embark upon creating a pervasive phenomenon theory and social critique on conspicuous consumption. Further research could be done on how BGSSs are engaging stakeholders to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through the stakeholder engagement for various industries.

BGSS, Pervasive Technologies, Pervasive Advertising, Corporate Social Responsibility, Pervasive Phenomenon
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