Medical Image Security Using Quantum Cryptography

Olufunso Dayo Alowolodu, Gabriel K Adelaja, Boniface K Alese, Olufunke Catherine Olayemi
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 15  •  2018  •  pp. 057-067
Aim/Purpose: Medical images are very sensitive data that can be transferred to medical laboratories, professionals, and specialist for referral cases or consultation. Strict security measures must be utilized to keep these data secured in computer networks when transferred to another party. On a daily basis, unauthorized users derive ways to gain access to sensitive patient medical information.

Background: One of the best ways to which medical image could be kept secured is through the use of quantum cryptography

Methodology : Applying the principles of quantum mechanics to cryptography has led to a remarkable new dimension in secured network communication infrastructure. This enables two legitimate users to produce a shared secret random bit string, which can be used as a key in cryptographic applications, such as message encryption and authentication.

Contribution: This paper can make it possible for the healthcare and medical professions to construct cryptographic communication systems to keep patients’ transferred data safe and secured.

Findings: This work has been able to provide a way for two authorized users who are in different locations to securely establish a secret network key and to detect if eavesdropping (a fraudulent or disruption in the network) has occurred

Recommendations for Practitioners: This security mechanism is recommended for healthcare providers and practitioners to ensure the privacy of patients’ medical information.

Recommendation for Researchers: This paper opens a new chapter in secured medical records
Impact on Society Quantum key distribution promises network security based on the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics by solving the problems of secret-key cryptography
Future Research: The use of post-quantum cryptography can be further researched.
medical image, quantum cryptography, security, quantum key distribution
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