Changes in Public Institutions as a Function of Technology and Its Impact on Society

Josueth A Meza
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 15  •  2018  •  pp. 145-156

The purpose of this article is to establish the different impacts of technological changes in institutions generating irrevocable changes in today’s society.

Technological changes have had a positive impact on many aspects of everyday life today, and it is natural that both public and private institutions benefit from this reality.

The research method used is based on the explanatory approach, through the documentary review of secondary sources and research works.

The implementation of electronic government in Ecuador is presented as a direct consequence of these technological developments with ways to direct and govern a country, which leads to competitive advantages in a world that is increasingly globalized.

In the institutions the only permanent thing is change, for which the changing and evolving fact that the public and private institutions of today must have is highlighted.

Results can inform to users the importance of the “new government” in a practical level.

The influence of technology on how to govern and if this in some way improves the functioning of the State.

Technological developments, which leads competitive advantages in a world that is increasingly globalized.

Create discussion and have a starting point to compare the influence of technological government in different parts of the world.

technological changes, electronic government, information and communication technology
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