The Persistence of Anxiety Experienced by New Generation in Online Learning

Dennis Kira, Fassil Nebebe, Raafat George Saadé
InSITE 2018  •  2018  •  pp. 079-088

To investigate anxiety in online courses and its relationship with overall online courses satisfaction as it may vary with online courses experience.

Delivering online courses in higher education institutions continue to increase. Anxieties seem to be persistent. Although there are many technology and internet related anxieties studies, online courses anxieties are relatively scarce. The cause for this anxiety has not been resolved or addressed sufficiently. This study takes part in this quest.

A fully online course with not face to face interaction was used for the study. A survey methodology approach was used for the anxiety scale measurements. Over 1400 students participated in the survey.

Students taking online courses continue to be challenged with anxieties. Their experiences (number of courses taken) with online courses may influence their anxieties and satisfaction levels, but that has not been studies. We contribute to this body of literature.

One third of students reported to continue to experience anxiety while taking their online courses. The effect of their anxieties on their satisfaction does not seem to be influenced by their online course experience.

Focus on the various elements that may influence anxieties and satisfaction of students while taking courses. For IT designers, interface and point of interactions may be the aspect to pay attention to, while professors would need to consider course pedagogy and its interaction within the IT learning environment.

Anxiety in online learning should take front stage as it represents an underlying stream of influence on all research in the field. Further study of the effect of online course experience on satisfaction and anxiety is necessary.

Anxiety in learning has many detrimental effects that last a student’s career and personality over their entire life. The impact of reducing anxieties while online learning is significant and tangible especially that online learning is at its initial stages of an exponential growth and will change the world sooner than later.

Pedagogy for efficient and effective online courses to reduce anxieties and in-crease satisfaction.

anxiety, eLearning, satisfaction, online, experience
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