Personality and Online Shopping Outcomes: A Study of Young Adult Chinese Consumers [Abstract]

Yingxia Cao
InSITE 2018  •  2018  •  pp. 141-144

This study focuses on the role of personality in online shopping through analyzing its relationship with customer reported shopping outcomes and their satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction and outcomes in online shopping have been well-documented. From different perspectives, past research has analysed factors related to customer satisfaction, and to outcomes to a lesser extent. Personality has also been found to be a factor relevant to the intention of online shopping. However, research has seldom investigated the role of personality in customer reported outcomes and their satisfaction with online shopping.

Quantitative data were obtained through an online questionnaire survey. The survey included questions about respondents’ satisfaction with their general online shopping experience. It also asked respondents to report the perceived outcomes of online shopping in terms of enjoyment, quality, savings, etc. Shoppers reported their personality using questions around Big Five Personality Traits. 384 Chinese living in China completely responded to the survey and were included in this study.

A research model is established that includes the respondents’ five personality traits, online shopping satisfaction, and outcomes of online shopping.

Structural equation modelling analysis of the model shows that personality has direct relationship with customer satisfaction and their reported outcomes of online shopping, which in term influence shoppers’ future intention to shop online. Specifically, personality of agreement, extraversity, and neurotics are significantly related to online shopping outcomes, while only extraversity is significantly related to their satisfaction.

For practitioners who work in online shopping, this study may help them understand how customers satisfaction is predetermined by their personality traits.

Researchers may find ways to help individuals understand and control consumers' personal behavior in online shopping.

This study may bring awareness of the importance of understanding personality traits for business and consumers in online shopping.

Future research may find ways to have influence on both business through their online consumer interface and on consumers through their behavior control.

online shopping, consumer interface, personality traits
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