Women in Endurance Sports: Linking Competitive and Professional Work Lives

N Bruce Walton
InSITE 2018  •  2018  •  pp. 055-064

Explore the benefits of participating in competitive endurance sports. Beyond the obvious health and social benefits, endurance competitions offer significant psycho/social growth that translates into more a more effective professional life.

Utilizes triadic agentic theory to explain the transference of learning from di-vergent experiences.

Mixed method using a validated instrument for measuring work engagement, and a structured interview for investigating and explaining additional phenomena.

Though it is unlikely that the elements of this study would affect men and women differently, because of social constructs, women are often at a disadvantage when presented with competitive situations, or the consequences of learning gained from serious competition. This study shows one way that inequality can be neutralized.

Given the time consuming and physically demanding nature of endurance sports, one would imagine that participation would be a detriment to work life. This research details a much more positive effect

Recognizing the importance of competition greatly improves the quality of life, and work for those participating, and for those who work with, and live with the competitors

Examination of the various factors investigated in this research will hopefully inspire additional study

Women are under-represented in both endurance sports, and in executive offices. If there is greater understanding of the link between healthy competition and professional success, perhaps some headway can be gained in reducing inequities.

Additional research into other forms of competition, or performance will determine if there are equal or similar benefits to activities that contain elements of endurance competition, without the extreme physical stress that puts such competition out of reach for many people.

endurance, competition, agentic learning, work engagement, problem focused coping, emotion focused coping
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