Enhancing Educational Technology Confidence among Teacher Candidates: Benefits of and Lessons Learned from a 1:1 Device University-Elementary School Partnership

Gregory M Francom, Andria L Moon
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research  •  Volume 17  •  2018  •  pp. 423-440

This study describes and evaluates a teacher preparation program that combines a school-university partnership and a 1:1 device initiative.

This educational design research report combines a 1:1 technology device experience with a school-university partnership to enhance teacher preparation for educational technology use.

This is a mixed-methods educational design research study. Interview responses share benefits and lessons learned from the program experience. Survey responses give information about educational technology confidence among teacher candidates who took part in this program.

This study provides a description of a unique teacher preparation program designed to enhance educational technology confidence among teacher candidates and shares lessons learned from this experience in light of collected data.

Teacher candidates’ social outcome expectations for using technology were increased. Qualitative data indicate that the program also benefitted elementary school teachers by enhancing educational technology confidence and providing extra help.

University teacher candidates should be given more embedded technology-focused classroom experiences. Smaller university class sizes are necessary to support these types of experiences.

Future studies could more deeply investigate how school-university partnership programs with technology affect teacher candidates’ social outcome expectations and educational technology confidence.

Approaches to teacher preparation similar to the one presented in this study can enhance students’ social outcome expectations for using technology.

Future studies could investigate various educational technology initiatives’ effects on teacher candidates’ educational technology confidence and share teacher preparation program designs aimed at enhancing educational technology use.

teacher preparation, teacher candidate, educational technology, educational technology confidence, 1:1, school-university partnership
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