The Role of Knowledge Management Infrastructure in Enhancing Job Satisfaction: A Developing Country Perspective

Ra'ed Masa'deh, Dmaithan Abdelkarim Almajali, Ala'aldin Alrowwad, Bader Obeidat
Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management  •  Volume 14  •  2019  •  pp. 001-025

This research aims to examine the role of Knowledge Management (KM) infrastructure (technological, structural, and cultural) in enhancing job satisfaction in the context of developing countries, as exemplified by Jordan.

Despite the presence of job satisfaction studies conducted in educational institutions across the world, knowledge management issues have not been taken into consideration as influencing factors.

A total of 168 responses to a questionnaire survey were collected from the academic staff at Zarqa University in Jordan. Multiple regression analysis was conducted to test the research hypotheses.

This study offers deeper understanding about the role that knowledge management infrastructure plays in enhancing job satisfaction from a developing country perspective. The proposed model is tested the first time in Jordan.

Results of the current study revealed that there are significant positive impacts of technological and cultural KM infrastructures on job satisfaction, whereas structural KM infrastructure does not have a significant impact on job satisfaction. Also, the results revealed significant gender difference in perception of the impact of knowledge management infrastructure on job satisfaction. On the other hand, an ANOVA test found no significant difference in the impact of knowledge management infrastructure on job satisfaction among groups by age, experience, and academic rank.

Our findings can be used as a base of knowledge for further studies about knowledge management infrastructure and job satisfaction following different criteria and research procedures.

The current model can be applied and assessed further in other sectors, including public universities and other services sectors in developed and developing countries.

knowledge management infrastructure, knowledge management, job perfor-mance, Jordan
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