Educational Technology in IT and Marketing Education - The Experience of Early Thai Educators [Abstract]

Yupawan Vannavanit
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 459-460
Aim/Purpose: The paper aims to discuss the experience of early Thai educators in adopting Educational Technology in IT and Marketing Education.

Background: As the world become increasingly digitized, educators need to keep up through the use of educational technology to effectively increase learning efficiency.

Methodology: Conducting an interview.

Contribution: A hands-on teaching experience in Marketing and IT areas through the use of Educational technology.

Findings: The use of educational technology in Thailand can be found in three main areas namely data transfer, interactive online class and lastly assignment and evaluation. It effectively increases learning efficiency and produce a more proactive learning outcome.

Recommendations for Practitioners: Adopting Educational Technology in IT education can be effectively done through some open-source applications. This mostly benefits those learners who age between 15 and 25.

Recommendation for Researchers: In choosing group of respondents, technological experience, age groups and interest in technology should be carefully taken into account.

Impact on Society: The finding aims to provide insights and strategy to develop Thai education system to become more efficient, more memorable and more inspiring through the use of educational technology.

Future Research: Any measures and steps that effectively support and redesign educational tools, processes and techniques to support wider and higher education.
educational technology, IT education, marketing education, Thailand
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