User-Generated Geospatial Meteorology Map Prototype

William J Miranda-Hill, Jozef Goetz
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 257-269
Aim/Purpose: This project aims to prototype the functionality of a user-generated geospatial meteorology map. This includes the design and implementation of a database driven website with a public and a password protected admin component, in addition to database, web server and hardware components.

Background: Previous research described and assessed the feasibility of a system in which end-users generate environmental data and examined the quality of the data provided. We sought to distill the minimum essential use-cases to achieve the required functionality, based on preexisting and original theorization, and then implement them in a functional prototype.

Contribution: The possible value of this potential information system, both as a dataset for metrology, climatology, ecology, as well as other fields of research, and also as an end-user web service for highly accurate weather reports, has been noted by previous researchers. The specific contribution of this project is to, by the implementation of a functional prototype, establish that a smart device can remotely generate geopositioned weather reports, which can be accepted by a central server and displayed on a public world map.

Findings: Through the implementation of the project, we were able to assess the quality of the use-cases outlined. We found the project was a functional information system, with each public server-side and hardware competent interfacing cor-rectly, most limitations resulting from the scope of the project.

Impact on Society: This would unlock the possibility of the next step towards the full realization of the theoretical information system: a limited real world rollout.

Future Research: As this project outlines and implements the minimum use-cases required to this system, future research would ideally involve the limited real-world rollout of the system and asses the quality of the data provided. Further research could also be conducted on data quality assurance strategies, both at the point end-user device sensors and broad-scale error correction.
GIS, weather, crowdsourcing, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Arduino, CSS, JavaScript
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