Professional Life of Information System Graduates—Impressions and Experiences

Georg Disterer
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 413-427
Aim/Purpose: We explore impressions and experiences of Information Systems graduates during their first years of employment in the IT field. The results help to understand work satisfaction, career ambition, and motivation of junior employees. This way, the attractiveness of working in the field of IS can be increased and the shortage of junior employees reduced.

Background: Currently IT professions are characterized by terms such as “shortage of professionals” and “shortage of junior employees”. To attract more people to work in IT detailed knowledge about experiences of junior employees is necessary.

Methodology: Data from a large survey of 193 graduates of the degree program “Information Systems” at University od Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover (Germany) show characteristics of their professional life like work satisfaction, motivation, career ambition, satisfaction with opportunities, development and career advancement, satisfaction with work-life balance. It is also asked whether men and women gain the same experiences when entering the job market and have the same perceptions.

Findings: The participants were highly satisfied with their work, but limitations or re-strictions due to gender are noteworthy.

Recommendations for Practitioners: The results provide information on how human resource policies can make IT professions more attractive and thus convince graduates to seek jobs in the field. For instance, improving the balance between work and various areas of private life seems promising. Also, restrictions with respect to the work climate and improving communication along several dimensions need to be considered.

Future Research: More detailed research on ambition and achievement is necessary to understand gender differences.
professional life, working life, work satisfaction, work-life balance, information systems, graduates, survey, gender
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