The Growing Need for Cyberbiosecurity

Glenda Turner
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 207-215
Aim/Purpose: This paper describes the growing need for a new transdiscipline in cyberbiosecurity as well historical challenges associated with knowledge generation and integration among contributing disciplines.

Background: Within the United States, there is an emerging call for cyberbiosecurity; however, cyberbiosecurity roles, practices and metrics have not been defined and federal agencies appear uncertain regarding how to proceed.

Methodology: Scoping study.

Contribution: This paper describes student research that is in progress. The research is aimed at providing a foundation for development of a cyberbiosecurity transdisciplinary knowledge framework.

Findings: Key contributing disciplines such as safety and security have been slow to integrate; novel methods will be required to accelerate effective cyberbiosecurity.

Recommendations for Practitioners and Researchers: Collaborate to form this new transdiscipline.

Impact on Society: This research is intended to reduce stakeholder uncertainty and accelerate formation of cyberbiosecurity as an effective transdiscipline.

Future Research: In-depth study that includes continued content review and analysis of knowledge artifacts and practices across contributing disciplines and engage-ment with stakeholders at different levels of government and industry to develop a cyberbiosecurity knowledge framework.
transdiscipline, knowledge framework, cyberbiosecurity
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