Workshop: Emerging Online Tools to Enhance Scholarly Reputation and Visibility

Meg Coffin Murray, Jorge PĂ©rez
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 901-903
Aim/Purpose: Being noticed as a scholar is becoming increasingly difficult as publication outlets proliferate and the number of scholars grows. The purpose of this workshop is to explore the use of online academic profiles to enhance the reputation and visibility of scholars.

Background: A scholar's reputation is built by garnering the attention of peer experts capable of judging the credibility of their work. Online academic profiles provide a way for scholars to increase awareness of their achievements.

Methodology: This workshop provides an overview of various online academic profile plat-forms, demonstrates how profiles are created, recommends best practices for profile maintenance, discusses issues surrounding profile trustworthiness, and reports future trends in the context of recent shifts among organizations sponsoring online academic profiles.

Contribution: Online academic profiles have been available for over a decade, but patterns of use are inconsistent. This workshop enables participants to leverage academic profiles to better understand and enhance their scholarly reputation.

Findings: Even though researchers express reservation about current implementations of online academic profiles, they believe these profiles are becoming increasingly important as a way for scholars to manage reputation, visibility, and recognition.

Recommendation for Researchers: To increase stature in the digital age, scholars are encouraged to create and maintain a robust online professional persona.

Impact on Society: Online academic profiles enable scholars to make themselves and their work more visible, increasing the utility of valuable research that might otherwise remain inaccessible or obscure.

Future Research: Future research should continue to explore how scholars use online academic profiles, as well as the impact of profiles on research opportunities, collaborative exchange, recognition, and visibility.
online academic profile, scholarly reputation, scholar visibility, academic social networks
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