Views and Tendencies of Introducing Computational Thinking in Australian Schools [Research in Progress]

Dorian Stoilescu
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 239-245
Aim/Purpose: This paper discusses theoretical and curricular aspects of computational thinking in curriculum and challenges noticed on introducing recent ICT perspectives in Australian Schools.

Background: It presents the way computational thinking is defined and understood in curriculum documents and a set of relatively new implementations that were de-signed nationally and in the New South Wales state.

Methodology: This paper uses qualitative research methods such as content analysis and text analysis methods.
Contribution This research analyzes some recent trends in introducing computational thinking and explore the was these reforms are described in the official documents.

Findings: It was noticed that although the importance of computational thinking was highly emphasized, the documents cannot describe a consistent implementation of this set of educational policies, as at this time implementing computational thinking largely underperforming.

Recommendations for Practitioners: It is recommended a more systemic way of designing policies and curriculum content for the integration of computational thinking in Australian schools.

Future Research: Future research needs to explore reasons for delaying these reforms of introduc-ing computational thinking.
computational thinking, computer science education, ICT education, Australian curriculum reforms
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