A Project Management Perspective of PhD Supervision Process – Towards Effective and Efficient Model [Abstract]

Gali Naveh, Dorit Tubin
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 095-097
Aim/Purpose: Continuing low percentage of on-time-completion of doctoral studies suggest the exploration of new approaches to the process is desirable.

Background: PhD studies may be viewed as a project- it is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product. Project management practices have proven to be helpful in numerous domains.

Methodology: Process analysis method will be applied, using: 1) semi-structured interviews with supervisors and supervisee, 2) data gathered by the school of advance graduate studies in higher education institute.

Contribution: The research will explore the appropriated measurable indicators of successful PhD and identify project management practices that promote better process and outcomes of PhD studies.

Impact on Society: Better and more efficient process will support lower individual and national spending on doctoral studies

Future Research: Further research should explore relevance of the findings in various settings (characteristics of the supervisor and supervisee, higher education system etc.)
doctoral studies, supervision, project management
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