Explaining Performance Using a Multi-Media Tool

Raafat George Saadé, Fassil Nebebe, Dennis Kira
InSITE 2019  •  2019  •  pp. 307-319
Aim/Purpose: Multimedia has been accepted as an enhanced learning medium. We present in this paper the application of a multimedia tool to teach the entity relationship diagram and its effect on performance.

Background: Based on the theory of flow and, more specifically, cognitive absorption and perceptions (usefulness and, ease of use, attitudes and intentions) we propose a model to explain performance after using a multimedia tool.

Methodology: A survey methodology approach was used. Structural equation modeling was performed to test the model hypotheses.

Contribution: Empirical work on the effects of multimedia on learning is relatively little and its effect on performance is not studied.

Findings: Impact of cognitive absorption on perceptions is strong and intentions play an important role in mediating the relationship between attitudes and performance.

Recommendations for Practitioners: Need to consider flow by including competition and gaming into multimedia learning tools. Also, practitioners need to integrate leveling capabilities to the multimedia experience.

Recommendation for Researchers: Empirical studies on the impact of flow variables such as boredom, anxiety, enthusiasm on performance.
multimedia, performance, cognitive absorption, flow, learning
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