Knowledge Sharing Process and Innovation Success: Evidence from Public Organisations in Southern Nigeria

Uzoma Heman Ononye, Anthony Igwe
Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management  •  Volume 14  •  2019  •  pp. 183-198

This study investigates the relationship between knowledge sharing process and innovation success with specific emphasis on tacit knowledge. Based on the literature review, we hypothesised that knowledge donating and collecting have a positive relationship with innovation success.

The hypotheses were empirically tested using the partial least square path modelling with data collected from twelve state-owned public organisations operating in Southern Nigeria.

The research made distinct empirical contributions to the burgeoning literature on knowledge sharing and innovation from the public sector and developing country context.

Knowledge donating and collecting contribute to innovation success positively and significantly. Knowledge donating effect on innovation success was found to be more significantly positive than the effect of knowledge collecting on innovation success.

Public organisations should promote a supportive culture to spur innovation through the frequent share of experiences, information and skills among the various knowledge actors. Public managers should convey the importance of knowledge sharing and its value to knowledge users in clear terms and attend to creating conditions or contexts that encourage people to share knowledge freely and willingly with others. It is apt to improve organisational commitment and support for knowledge sharing activities such as mentorship programs, workshops, conferences, seminars and other related training and development programs in order to provide opportunities for employees to develop innovation competencies from the transfer of tacit knowledge developed over time from experience. To optimise innovation outcomes from knowledge sharing practices, knowledge sharing should be in tandem with the industry or global best practices.

Future studies should add interviews to provide depth in terms of insights and substance to the questionnaire, and may extend to public organisation with different ownership structure.

tacit knowledge, knowledge sharing, knowledge donating, knowledge collecting, innovation success
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