Autonomous Vehicle Technology Examination

James J. Mennie
Muma Business Review  •  Volume 3  •  2019  •  pp. 193-205
Autonomous Vehicle (A/V) technology has been advancing at a rapid pace but the prospect of mass deployment has not been achieved. Inherent expected benefits of this technology such as reduced loss of life, productivity improvements, and greater vehicle efficiency utilization have yet to materialize. The American public’s resistance, and governmental regulation have prevented widespread adoption of this technology that while developed and continuously evolving, is still in its testing phase. Public concerns regarding safety are justified as highly publicized (Lohrmann, 2018) failures of the technology have been reported, heightening public concerns.
A/V technology, Driverless, Lidar, Cloud-based computing, Artificial Intelligence, Radar, Mapping, Self-driving, Robotic, Data Analytics, Connected Vehicles (CV’s), Smart Cities, DSRC, C-V2X, ADAS
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