How can Complex Organizations Engage in a Successful Restructuring while Simultaneously Improving the Delivery of Products and Capabilities?

Denise A Breckon, Patty LePage, Allyson Oliver Jones, John Onyeaku, Remedious Bernadine Douglas
Muma Business Review  •  Volume 3  •  2019  •  pp. 225-236
A large complex government organization is planning a restructure of their organization from a hybrid matrix or competency-aligned team structure to a more dominant mission-aligned structure. This restructure has the potential to spur organizational problems from employee churn, including a decrease in employee engagement as well as detract from product delivery. The purpose of this study is to systematically gather and review evidence on employee engagement and retention during organizational restructuring initiatives. Another purpose is to define how leadership style can impact the organization’s ability to successfully restructure while also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the ongoing products. An analysis was carried out using four rapid evidence assessments and then a combined systematic review to analyze existing scholarly literature on the research question. The organizational problem was viewed through the lens of the contingency theory, which focuses on the structure best suited to the organization, contingent on its internal and external environments. With a complex reorganization, an organization can align with their internal mission, as well as their customers in the external environment. A thematic analysis of the literature revealed several themes; job resources, leadership styles, team innovation, training, external and internal environmental factors, employee engagement, open communication, and organizational diagnosis. This study supports the notion that a successful reorganization can be implemented through the support of an effective leadership style, training, and the implementation of job resources.
Ambidextrous leader, employee engagement, rapid evidence assessment, reorganization, restructuring, systematic review
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