Perception of Consumer towards Halal Labelled Cosmetic Products in Selangor

Nursalwani Muhamad, Zul Ariff Abdul Latiff
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 3  •  2019  •  pp. 057-064
This study aims to identify the level of perception level of consumer and the relationship between knowledge, attitude and practice toward consumer perception on the halal cosmetic product.
Halal labelled cosmetic sector is expected to thrive in Malaysia. The consumption and expenditure among Malaysian consumers on cosmetic products in personal body care, beauty and wellness products are increasing rapidly over time. At the same time, government bodies have to make sure that manufacturers comply with Malaysia Halal and Sharia standards.
Data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire where 100 respondents were randomly selected in the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) exhibition. The data were then analyzed by using descriptive analysis and Pearson correlation analysis.
This paper studies the effect of knowledge, attitude and practice on the perception of consumer toward halal labelled cosmetic products in Selangor. This study is useful to fill the gaps in the Malaysian literature regarding the importance of knowledge and its relationship with the attitude and practice.
From the results, the consumers are having a high level of perception of halal cosmetic products. Besides that, consumers have sufficient knowledge with the attitude towards the halal cosmetic products, which includes the ingredients that are lawful in Syariah law and can avoid sensitive skin and allergic problem. However, the consumers showed a moderate practice level on the halal cosmetic products as there are more prone to used products from overseas. The analysis of Pearson correlation on three variables has indicated that knowledge, attitude and practice of consumers are identical to the methods of halal cosmetic products.
Recommendations for Practitioners:
The government should promote the benefits of halal cosmetic products to consumers more often to change their perceptions about the halal cosmetic product in Malaysia.
Recommendation for Researchers :
More studies can be done regarding the behavior and intention of consumers concerning halal cosmetic products in other states in Malaysia.
Impact on Society:
The findings can help consumers in understanding the benefits and advantage of halal cosmetic product toward health. Hence, all parties, including the government, policymakers and manufacturers, should encourage and grow consumer interest in halal cosmetic product by making it more accessible and available.
Future Research: This study focuses on Selangor only and does not represent other states. Further research is required to generalize the findings of this study aimed at determining the effect of demographic factors on the behavior of consumers concerning halal cosmetic products.
Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Cosmetic Halal label
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