Special Issue 2019, Article 5 from Series of 5: Black Academic Scholarship Fund (BASF) and education - gaining equity in education and empowering black learners

Sylvia E. A. Piggott
International Journal of Community Development and Management Studies  •  Volume 3  •  2019  •  pp. 179-185
This article explains the movement for Afrocentric public schools in Canada, particularly in Montreal, and the controversy it has generated. It is also argued that Black youth would gain significantly from community based educational programs that root their learning more closely in the life, experiences and needs of their community.
The Black Academic Scholarship Fund (BASF) is a non- profit organization that has been active in the community since 1981. Its main goal is to provide scholarships to visible minority students who are actively pursuing a course of study in an accredited institution. The objective is to enhance the economic status of the Black community and provide more opportunities for students to achieve their educational goals. The organization received its letters Pa-tent in March 1996 with the registered Charity No. 89440 6396. This has facilitated it fundraising initiatives. The motivation for this presentation derives from the commitment of the Black Academic Scholarship Fund (BASF) to responsible social action and hence to the principles of “collaborative unity and existential responsibility “ espoused by the Black Community Forum of Montreal of which it is a member. The paper presents BASF’s actions and focus on “gaining equity in education and empowering black learners” wherever they are in the system.
Findings and Community Impact:
The experiences of the work of BASF and other organization such as the QBBE and the BSC are that Black learners, in Montreal, benefit from community-based education centered on the experiences of African Canadians. These programs are intended are resourced essential by the community. In turn they use this capacity to empower Black youth and their families, and better equip them to navigate public school systems and organize in their communities.
Black learners, equity, education, non-profit organization
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