Rishiraj Mukherjee, aditya singh, Meena Yaduguri Sundinti, JAMES J FARLEY, Rajender Katyal
Muma Case Review  •  Volume 4  •  2019  •  pp. 001-030
Mike Joshi (MJ) - IT Director of ABC Corp (ABC) just got done with a meeting with Bob – Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations and Assurance for ABC Corp. MJ was asked to improve the output of ABC Corp’s current workforce to stay competitive in the hyper competitive telecommunications sector using technology. Bob demanded that MJ figure out a way to improve efficiency in ABC’s staff as they needed to push for the 5G deployment as well as Intelligent Edge Network. MJ was already aware of the fact that T-Mobile, one of ABC Corp’s fiercest competitors, was gaining traction on them on network connectivity, customer satisfaction and plethora of services it was providing. T-Mobile was offering incentives to ABC Corp’s existing customer to leave ABC Corp and move their service.
5G was in the midst of deployment and could become a game changer in terms of mobile connectivity and data throughput. It was a necessity in the world of social media, where the majority of the world population had handheld devices. Bob knew he needed skilled technology workers as well as customer care to support this mobile technology. How would he achieve such a goal when he was faced with a trimmed workforce? Bob wanted to know how he could squeeze higher performance from his top performers in the company using technology. Could he drive someone to put in the hard work required with the implementation of 5G and supporting existing technology and services? Bob needed a leaner and much more agile workforce especially after the recent job restructuring at ABC Corp. Bob needed employees to keep moving the goal line for the performance metric when T-Mobile was able to win over some contracts with large corporations due to the output and quality of its workforce. T-Mobile was able to offer a faster time for implementation of network services and Bob knew in order to improve efficiency at ABC Corp he needed a cultural transformation inside the workforce.
MJ knew he did not have much time to come up with a presentable plan to management. Bob was wondering if IT can build and implement any solution to help with the cultural transformation he needed. Bob also had an idea that there was an efficiency problem with the ABC Corp’ task force, he knew he would need MJ to pull some reports and analyze them to make sure he could back up his gut instinct.
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