A Design Science Tool to Improve Code Maintainability for Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) Programs

Grant P Trudel, Samuel Sambasivam
InSITE 2021  •  2021  •  pp. 001
Aim/Purpose: A design science tool to improve code maintainability for PHP programs.

Background: This paper addresses this issue by providing an enhancement to an existing tool that specifically addresses and improves program maintainability for PHP programs.

Methodology: This paper uses design science research which involves creating or modifying one or more artifacts. In this case, the artifact is PHP Code Sniffer, which was modified to improve code maintainability of PHP programs.

Contribution: This paper provides a method of improving code maintainability of PHP programs.

Findings: Code quality in terms of maintainability is a modern-day issue. No tool specifically addresses maintainability. When updating PHP code that has poor maintainability, there is a much higher likelihood that errors will be introduced than with code that is more maintainable.

Recommendations for Practitioners: For PHP developers and project leaders dealing with PHP programs, running the modified PHP Code Sniffer will improve code maintainability.

Recommendations for Researchers: Examine ways to improve other code quality aspects such as reliability, security, usability, efficiency, and so on.

Impact on Society: PHP programs, which run the background processes behind most web pages, will be more robust, reliable, and correct.

Future Research: Expand this to investigate improving maintainability for other common programming languages.
software quality, software development, PHP, programming, quality assurance, maintainability, metrics, design science, refactoring
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