Starting Doctoral Dissertation Journey with a Solid Research Problem Statement – A Four Stage Framework [Pre-publication draft]]

Azad Ali, Shardul Pandya
InSITE 2021  •  2021  •  pp. 013
Aim/Purpose: Provide methodology suggesting steps to doctoral mentors to work with students in constructing their research problem statement in their dissertation.

Background: Doctoral students face difficulties writing their dissertation and they begin by writing the research problem statement.

Methodology: This paper uses a framework widely used to describe student adjustment to graduate studies in general and to doctoral program in particular.

Contribution: This study provides a framework to mentors/advisors that is helpful in guiding the students to writing their research problem statement.

Findings: Writing a research problem statement is difficult by itself. Following a methodological approach suggested in this study could help with writing it.

Recommendations for Practitioners: A methodological approach in writing the dissertation is helpful to mitigate the difficulties of writing the dissertation. Our study tackles difficulties with writing the research problem statement.

Recommendations for Researchers: More research needs to be done on methodological approach to writing the other sections in the dissertation.

Impact on Society: Our findings in this research will help doctoral mentors/advisors as they guide students in completing the writing of their research problem statement

Future Research: Intention for future research is to follow similar methodological approach in guiding students in writing the other sections of the dissertation.

*** NOTE: The final version of this paper has been published in the International Journal of Doctoral Studies ***
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