A Four Stage Framework for the Development of a Research Problem Statement in Doctoral Dissertations

Azad Ali, Shardul Pandya
International Journal of Doctoral Studies  •  Volume 16  •  2021  •  pp. 469-485

Provide methodology suggesting steps to doctoral mentors to work with students in constructing their research problem statement in their dissertation.

Writing a doctoral dissertation is a long journey, and it typically starts with writing the research problem statement. Students face challenges in articulating the research problem statement. Clearly articulating the research problems statement influences the success of the entire dissertation.

This paper uses a widely used framework to describe student adjustment to graduate studies in general and to doctoral programs in particular.

This study provides a framework for mentors and advisors to assist them in guiding students in writing their research problem statement.

Writing a research problem statement is difficult by itself. Following the methodological approach suggested in this study will help students with the task of writing their own.

A methodological approach to writing a research problem statement is helpful in mitigating the difficulties of writing the dissertation. This study tackles the difficulties with writing the research problem statement.

More research needs to be done to expand the use of a methodological approach to writing in other sections of the dissertation.

The findings of this research will help doctoral mentors/advisors as they guide students in completing the writing of their research problem statement

Future research should follow a similar methodological approach in guiding students in writing the other sections of the dissertation

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