Informing at the Crossroads of Design Science Research, Academic Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation: A Platform Ecosystem Roadmap

Ulrich Schmitt
InSITE 2022  •  2022  •  pp. 004
Aim/Purpose: Developing Digital Platform Ecosystems (DPE) to transform conventional Knowledge Management Systems (KM/KMS) scenarios promises significant benefits for individuals, institutions, as well as emerging knowledge economies.

Background: The academic entrepreneurship project presented is aiming for such a KMS-DPE configuration. Having consolidated this author’s own and external re-search findings, realization is currently commencing with a start-up in a business incubator.

Methodology: Design science research applying mixed one-sample case study and illustrative scenario approach focusing on conceptual analysis and entrepreneurship.

Contribution: Although (academic) entrepreneurship is a young research area with recently growing interest, publications focusing on this transitional stage between ma-uring research and projected commercial viability of digital technologies are rare.

Findings: A roadmap looking beyond the immediate early-start-up perspective is out-lined by integrating recent development-stage-related DPE-research and by addressing stakeholders diverse informing needs essential for system realization.

Recommendations for Practitioners and Researchers: As this transdisciplinary perspective combines KM, informing, design science, and entrepreneurial research spaces, it may assist other researchers and practitioners facing similar circumstances and/or start-up opportunities.

Impact on Society: The article advances the understanding of how DPE communities may serve members with highly diverse skills and ambitions better to gainfully utilize the platform’s resources and generative potential in their personal and local settings.

Future Research: As the entrepreneurial agenda will complement (not substitute) the academic research, research priorities have been highlighted aligned to three future stages.
digital platform ecosystem, knowledge management system, digital academic entrepreneurship, design science research, informing science, start-up
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