COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories in Canada: Know, Crack, Knock

Bob Travica
InSITE 2022  •  2022  •  pp. 029
Aim/Purpose: This study explores the dissemination of COVID-19 conspiracy theories in Canada in order to create a model for verifying conspiracy theories.

Background: The study combines empirical and conceptual research.

Methodology: Three Canadian cases of conspiracy theories dissemination were developed via observation and content analysis, and an exploration of ontology, epistemology, and logic of conspiracy of conspiracy theories was conducted.

Contribution: The study contributes to understanding conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 and possibly beyond.

Recommendations for Practitioners: Findings can help in detecting COVID-19 conspiracy theories.

Recommendations for Researchers: Findings can help understanding the nature of conspiracy theories.

Impact on Society: Identifying COVID-19 conspiracy theories helps in managing public health communication and informing, uncertainty, and mass behavior during public health emergency.

Future Research: More research on COVID-19 is needed in different social contexts inter-nationally as well as on validating the proposed model for verifying COVID-19 conspiracy theories.
conspiracy theory, COVID-19, misinforming
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