A Systematic Literature Review on Learning Apps Evaluation

Shahjad ‎, Khurram Mustafa
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research  •  Volume 21  •  2022  •  pp. 663-700

The goal of this writing was not to promote any particular assessment tool. We aimed to critically explore the numerous assessment techniques that are accessible to app stakeholders with an emphasis on their strengths, shortcomings, and trustworthiness. We underline the importance of a relatively good and research-based tool that can readily assess the existing Learning Apps (LAs).

A thorough and comprehensive literature review of LAs and their assessment tools was the primary goal of reporting the state of the art through this SLR (Systematic Literature Review) writing.

We restricted our search space to ten databases and covered the most relevant studies from 2008 to 2022. To accomplish this predefined research interest, we divided our whole SLR methodology into four pertinent steps.

The primary goal of the current writing is to know the state of the art regarding LAs’ appraising instruments so that we can clearly reveal a list of essential research gaps on the same problem. Accordingly, app designers gain valuable insight from these forms of texts in order to develop better LA(s).

After careful examination of included studies (114), we found a total of 70 studies that discussed at least one evaluation tool in their research design, and the remaining studies were useful for theoretical support in writing this review. Although we discovered a large list of evaluation tools on LAs, the majority are suffering from some serious flaws. This emphasizes the need for a concise, comprehensive, and concrete theoretical evaluation tool for LAs.

If practitioners incorporate the summarized research findings into their app design process, it may be possible to produce high-quality educational apps that could significantly improve our current educational system.

We analyzed a large amount of relevant literature on LAs assessment. As a result, we have represented the current state of the art as well as some other key research discoveries in a clear and concise manner on the same research design. Thus, novices may easily gain a theoretical understanding by reading this research article, rather than having to read many individual pieces of literature, which may be a time-consuming process.

Education is a crucial component of our society. In light of this, we did a thorough literature review of LAs and discovered a number of deficiencies. If we research and answer these flaws scientifically, it may be possible to create high-quality apps that could considerably improve our current educational system.

Future research may focus on developing a sound framework or model for evaluating educational apps and being tested on our self-designed LA.

learning apps, educational mobile app, evaluation, assessment, framework, content, pedagogy, technology
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