Jackson Breaks: Decision Making and Leading Oneself

Michael j Provitera, Mostafa Sayyadi
Muma Case Review  •  Volume 8  •  2023  •  pp. 001-007
Jackson Breaks is a young, up and coming executive, sometimes referred to as a “YUPPY.” He is happy and content working for an Investment Bank in Manhattan, New York, USA. COVID-19 was basically coming to an end with variants and some people still being challenged by the epidemic. With COVID-19 subsiding, Jack got a phone call that would change may be an opportunity of a lifetime. It was not until he was given an offer to move to Wisconsin that made him really think about his life and what he had accomplished. Jackson has a wife and child, and this complicates his decision-making regarding his career. He no longer looks at opportunities beyond his status quo because it is just too hard to decide when it involves a geographic relocation. “At midlife you would think he is all set and ready to ride out his career. No, not in this case. He got an offer, and he must deal with it.”

There were several issues facing his decision-making after his boss let him know that he was on the chopping block for a position across the country. His decision is a vital one in his career and making it will change his life forever. The question is should Jackson take the job offer and go to Wisconsin or not. There is a lot more to this young man’s career worth noting. Because of his continuous improvement quest, students and participants will learn how to grow in their own personal career. They will learn what to do and, most importantly, what not to do.
Decision Making, Leadership Traits, Charismatic Leader, Personal Career Strategy, Transactional Leadership, Personal Action Plan
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