Allbridge: Reigning in the Accounts Receivable Horses

Iya Mokube, Shane M Davis, mohamad eid, Donald Shiflet
Muma Case Review  •  Volume 7  •  2022  •  pp. 001-021
Randy Koubek, Allbridge's CFO, had an AR problem. He couldn’t help but wonder if the AR situation was the main problem, or if it was symptomatic of a deeper issue. Was it primarily an internal problem, where the existing AR department could benefit from more focused training? Did Allbridge need to implement new technology and/or processes to improve current debt collection practices? Were there underlying cash flow or billing issues that could be addressed to resolve the larger AR issue? Was there value in a more drastic option, like eliminating the entire department and outsourcing accounts receivable? Or could the AR situation be an indication of a larger customer problem? Did Allbridge need to use some triggers to help customers make timely payments? Should Allbridge consider levying late fees on customers who were significantly behind in their payments, and could this be done without losing customers? He had a very important decision to make.
Allbridge, Accounts Receivable, Tesoro, Hospitality, Audio Visual
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