Suicide in the Construction Industry

Vince Hafeli
Muma Business Review  •  Volume 6  •  2022  •  pp. 113-124
A literature review shows conclusive information that suicide within the construction industry is high compared to society, with documented common themes for suicide and suicidal ideation.

A subset of the common themes tied to the industry includes stigma associated with discussing mental health and suicide, both prescribed and self-medicating for injuries, and seasonal employment that leads to a loss of income and depression.

The difficulty in overcoming some of these obstacles, mainly the stigma is that this industry is comprised of a high percentage of males that have been led to believe that they need to be mentally strong and not openly discuss topics such as mental health, including suicide. The lack of discussion and seeking assistance has created an industry with a suicide rate that is 4.3 times as high as the national average, with two to three construction workers dying daily of work-related injuries, with an average of ten to fifteen dying daily from suicide.
Suicide, construction, mental health, executives, risk factors, employment
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