The Importance of Examining Student’s Choice of Modalities in Higher Education [Abstract]

Loreen Powell, Michalina Hendon
InSITE 2023  •  2023  •  pp. 009
Examination of student’s preferences regarding educational modalities after the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is necessary to investigate whether the mode of course delivery (online or traditional) offered by educational institutions aligns with the preferences of students, or if students are limited to enrolling in courses based solely on the available course modalities.

The paper in which this abstract is written is a quantative causal comparative study with the use of publicly available secondary data collected during course enrollment.

The contribution of this abstract to further the discussion of students needs and how an institution can continue to provide structure to adapt to a changing generation of students.

The research suggests that higher education institutions should adjust their course offerings to accommodate the enrollment habits and preferences of students with respect to online and in-person courses.

Recommendations for Practitioners.
Recommendations can have practical impacts for university, colleges, program development, and faculty. Specific recommendations will be discussed after full development of the paper.

Recommendations for Researchers.
Specific recommendations will be discussed after full development of the paper.

Impact on Society.
This abstract and forthcoming paper may provide a different perspective on the priority of higher education institutions use adapt to student’s enrollment habits and preferences regarding their enrolling in an online or face-to-face course.

Future Research.
To account for the variations in institutional structures and student preferences regarding course delivery modes, it is recommended that further research be conducted.
online learning, higher education, post pandemic
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