The Magic Spark Model: The Future of Leadership Development

Mostafa Sayyadi, Michael j Provitera
Muma Business Review  •  Volume 7  •  2023  •  pp. 053-059
The crucial role in developing transformational leadership skills for the future is at the heart of business acumen today and while our model worked in this environment, we encourage additional experimentation using the magic spark model. In our experiment, we found a new way of leadership succession planning which is crucial for business success. Without selection and progression of leadership, the organizational life cycle will end with death. The magic spark model will help organizations better plan leadership succession and help them stay vital on the organizational life cycle. This article offers novel insights into the future of leadership succession planning. As executives across the globe develop a solid foundation that builds upon the idea of passing the torch (i.e., Succession Planning), they will be able to withstand any tumultuous activity facing organizations in our hypercompetitive work environment.
The Magic Spark Model, Transformational Leadership, Leadership Succession Planning, Human Resources Development, Organizational Learning, Systems Management Theory, The Future of Work
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