The Role of the Discipline of Information Technology: A Systematic Literature Review

Josette R Riep, Kemi Akanbi, Hazem Said
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 20  •  2023  •  pp. 023-038
The goal of this publication is to explore methods for advancing student success in technology related disciplines via improved program classification and selection within higher education.

Increased demand for information technology (IT) professionals has been cited as a challenge in many fields including cybersecurity and software development. Many highlight the challenge as not just a numbers gap but a skills gap when comparing industry needs to the curricula in traditional disciplines within higher education. Closing the gap by increasing the number of skilled graduates remains a critical challenge we must address.

This publication leverages a systematic literature review to identify factors that classify existing higher education programs within the discipline of information technology.

Research in this area can act as a catalyst to increase relevance of IT related programs as well as graduation rates in technology and engineering.

Authors analyzed forty-four primary studies and found that 56.8% of the publications referenced programs that meet the IT framework definition although they were not classified as IT programs. The findings and further analysis highlight direct challenges between program classification and the potential impact on student success.

Recommendations for Practitioners.
Research in this area is relevant for academic administrators, private sector executives and others working to increase the technology pipeline.

Recommendations for Researchers.
Researchers may benefit by exploring thematic analysis as a means of generating relevant classifications and taxonomies that highlight opportunities for improvement in a broad set of subject areas.

Impact on Society.
Research in this area can serve as a catalyst to increase graduation rates in programs related to technology and engineering.

Future Research.
This area would benefit from further research by comparing program success rates within varied disciplines. Future research may also produce a classification process.
information technology, systemic literature review, STEM, discipline, classification
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