Case-Based Experiential/Immersive Learning for Business Problem-Solving: A Plan in Progress

Stephen J. Andriole
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 20  •  2023  •  pp. 053-066
Business schools need to design, develop and deliver courses that are relevant to business problem-solving. Current pedagogies do not often provide the insight – or experience – necessary to close the gap between theory and practice.

The paper describes an initiative to design, develop and deliver courses in business-technology problem-solving that thoroughly immerses students in the actual world of business.

The methodology included case-based analysis where actual cases where selected to model problem-solving scenarios.

Several courses are developed that immerse students into actual problem-solving experiences.
Findings The courses will be delivered to business students to assess the impact of immersive/experiential learning.

Recommendations for Practitioners.
Additional courses should be informed by actual cases; the commitment to relevance should be expanded.

Recommendations for Researchers.
Ongoing research to measure the impact of immersive/experiential learning is recommended.

Impact on Society.
Business schools should rethink the content of their courses and the pedagogies that have dominated business schools for many decades.

Future Research.
Additional research will include more courses and additional immersive/experiential pedagogies.
experiential learning, immersive learning, cases, relevance, business
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