Exploring New AI-Based Technologies to Enhance Students’ Motivation

Wissal Neji, Naouel Boughattas, Faten Ziadi
InSITE 2023  •  2023  •  pp. 010
The aim of this study is to propose a teaching approach based on AI-based chatbot agents and to determine whether the use of this approach increases the students’ motivation.

Today, chatbots are an integral part of students’ lives where they are used in various contexts. Therefore, we are interested in incorporating these tools into our teaching process in order to profit from their benefits, assist and guide students while working with to prevent issues such as plagiarism and mainly to boost students’ motivation.

Using the proposed approach, new chatbot based learning activities were de-signed in three different courses for computer science engineering students. A mixed-method experimental study was conducted to evaluate students’ impression and satisfaction. Survey results of the students (N=58) who participated in the experiment (experimental group) were compared to the results of the students from the control group (N=60).

Trending AI conversational agents can be engaged in daily teaching activities as a learning assistant and coach to boost students motivation and skills development.

Our study focuses on the impact of chatbots on student’s motivation. The study aimed to analyze the benefits and drawbacks associated with these conversational chatbots. Our findings revealed the significant role that chatbots can play in enhancing student motivation and improving teaching practices.
AI, chatbots, digital tools, student motivation
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