Integrating Agile Software Development Practice in a Classroom Setting

Anthony J Kampa, Christine Bakke
InSITE 2023  •  2023  •  pp. 027
Aim/Purpose .
This paper explores how best to implement Agile style courses into university curriculum. It is a starting point for teachers who are unsure how to structure their classes in an Agile way.

This paper explores the researcher’s experiences with Agile in the classroom, outside the classroom and in a professional setting. Recommendations are made on how to best introduce students to Agile concepts and prepare them for their careers.

This paper is an exploratory case study in determining whether or not students are properly equipped for their careers. Information was gathered through a qualitative interview administered virtually. The sample is taken from students who are recent graduates from public universities in the Midwest.

This study provides tangible and practical suggestions to best utilize Agile methodologies in an academic setting.

A project-based learning class taught using the agile methodology would provide a beneficial and flexible class for students no matter where their careers take them. This style of class can be offered to any level of undergraduate student but more advanced students will likely get more out of it. Advanced students should be encouraged to work across disciplines to foster communication skills and provide valuable experience working with non-developers.

Recommendations for Practitioners.
Agile is not a silver bullet. Not all classes will be a good fit for this style of teaching. Practitioners should consider a blend of classes with different teaching styles.

Recommendations for Researchers.
Researchers are encouraged to explore different methodologies for including Agile development into a classroom environment.

Impact on Society.
This study will help to better prepare the next generation of software developers for eventual careers.

Future Research.
Practitioners and researchers can expand on this study by exploring a multi-year study following students who had Agile curriculum and students who received traditional class methods as they graduate and join the workforce. Researchers can explore other methods of implementing Agile in the classroom to further refine suggestions provided in this paper.
Agile development, Scrum, software development, information technology, software engineering, classroom teaching
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