Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Education: Benefits and Implementation Challenges in Ghanaian Tertiary Institutions

Delali Kwasi Dake, Godwin Kudjo Bada, Abraham Ekow Dadzie
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research  •  Volume 22  •  2023  •  pp. 311-338

The Internet of Things (IoT) application modules have covered diverse sectors, and the educational domain is no exception. In this survey, we discuss the specific application benefits of IoT in education and further examine implementation challenges in Ghanaian tertiary institutions.

This survey examines pertinent applications for IoT benefits in education and offers present and future opportunities to enhance educational outcomes. The survey includes anticipated IoT technologies that will have a significant impact on education. Each module contains concise definitions accompanied by analysis and application-specific relevance.

In order to accomplish the objectives of the survey, a search review was conducted across relevant databases, including Scopus, Hindawi, IEEE, MPDI, ScienceDirect, Informing Science Institute, Springer, and Wiley. In addition, a thorough search was carried out using Google Scholar to cover all relevant repositories. The phrases and keywords for the search were made up of five categories. The literature search resulted in 300 articles, of which 200 were considered relevant for the survey. Of the 200 articles, 95 of them shared common themes and discussed the same application integration and challenges.

This paper discusses the revolution involving IoT deployments in education and covers many aspects of the educational domain.

IoT integration in education will transform Education 4.0 and improve learning outcomes significantly.

Educational institutions are to embrace IoT integrations even with the emerging Education 4.0 and Industry 4.0 use cases.

Educational IoT is the next big thing and research directions on unique use cases for educational institutions are eminent with 5G and other disruptive technologies.

Effective IoT implementation in education will positively affect all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem and create a society with much access to information, connectivity, and convenience.

To survey the integration of blockchain-based IoT applications in education.

Internet of Things, smart campus, intelligent objects, smart school, tertiary institutions
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