Charting Blended Learning in the Social Media Age: A Bibliometric Perspective and Pathways for Future Development

Alrence S Halibas, Mai Do Thi Hoang
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research  •  Volume 23  •  2024  •  pp. 003

The research aims to uncover the key research themes and trends of Social Media-Enhanced Blended Learning (SMBL) research. It will extract valuable insights from scholarly publications using bibliometric analysis.

Although previous scholarly works and bibliometric review papers have examined integrating social media into blended learning and its impact on teaching and learning, none of the studies has explored their convergence.

The bibliometric review utilized a dataset of 422 scholarly papers extracted from the Scopus research database, shedding light on the performance, and evolving conceptual structure of the SMBL field.

This study offers valuable insights into the structure and dynamics of the SMBL field, guiding future researchers and practitioners on decisions about social media technology integration in blended learning.

The extant literature on SMBL demonstrates a growing interest in harnessing the potential of social media technologies to enhance the blended learning approach. Notably, “social media,” “blended learning,” “flipped classroom,” “tertiary education,” “e-learning,” “online learning,” and “pandemic” emerged as the top keywords, emphasizing the central focus on leveraging social media platforms to enhance the blended learning experience.

Research can be extended using multiple research databases and the inclusion of other document types to capture more articles describing the SMBL field.

Potential future trajectories of the SMBL field can be research studies about developing critical thinking skills and implementing project-based learning methodologies. We also suggest further research on the use and effectiveness of social media integration in blended learning in various educational contexts and social media platforms.

bibliometrics, social media, blended learning, COVID-19, flipped classroom
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