The Impact of IT Evolution on Industries and Workforce Skills: A Systematic Literature Review

Hansinie M Jayathilake, Hazem Said, Lily Edinam Botsyoe
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology  •  Volume 21  •  2024  •  pp. 003
To investigate the impact of the evolution of Information Technology on global workforce skills and explore emerging approaches that address the IT talent shortage faced by diverse companies in finding skilled IT workers.

This paper explores diverse approaches to bridge the skilled IT workers shortage gap, especially in the context of the widening gap following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study emphasizes the need to consistently leverage business and information technology strategies for competitive advantage.

This study followed the systematic literature review methodology on 809 articles from ACM, IEEE Xplore, and Scopus digital libraries by utilizing an integrative mixed methods approach with topic modeling and manual content analysis.

This paper aims to understand and describe the impact of the evolution of the IT industry on its workforce. It contributes additional evidence to our understanding of IT workforce development to support researchers and educators working towards developing effective strategies to bridge the IT talent gap.

On the one hand, the study finds that the evolution of the IT industry produces a shift in required skills and knowledge, resulting in workers needing to adapt and embrace lifelong learning. On the other hand, the evolution of IT creates new opportunities for workers and results in a more globalized and interconnected workforce.

Recommendations for Practitioners:
Practitioners are recommended to adapt to the shifting skills landscape, encourage lifelong learning, explore new opportunities for workers, and embrace a more globalized workforce.

Recommendations for Researchers:
Researchers are encouraged to further explore the identified themes and delve into the nuances of the evolving impact of information technology on workforce skills.

Impact on Society:
The findings have implications for industry growth, emphasizing the importance of aligning business and IT strategies to address the shortage of skilled IT workers on a global scale.

Future Research:
Future research should focus on the continuous evolution of information technology and its impact on workforce skills, considering the identified themes as a foundation for further exploration.
information technology, workforce skills, thematic analysis, BERTopic, globalized workforce, lifelong learning, COVID-19 impact
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