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Volume , 2023

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proceedings, InSITE, conference, informing science, IT education
.i - iii
Ilan Daniels Rahimi, Gila Cohen Zilka
Aim/Purpose. Higher education institutions face difficulties and challenges when it comes to distance learning. The purpose of this paper is to examine self-efficacy indicators and student satisfaction during online English classes. Background. E-learning has been very relevant since the Covid-19 era and is still relevant today. It is possible for students to study regardless of their locati ...
information and communication technology (ICT), 21ct century abilities, social emotional learning, distance learning, digital environment, e-learning
Ashraf Ahmed Fadelelmoula
Aim/Purpose. This study aims to examine the roles of key traits of m-university services and their users in promoting two crucial post-adoption outcomes of these services; namely, continuance usage intention and perceived value. Background. M-university (i.e., a university providing services via mobile technologies) has gained a great interest in the higher education sector as a driver of new ...
m-university, faculty-oriented m-university services, m-university service trait, user trait, continuance usage intention, perceived value
Svetlana Syarova, Stefka Toleva-Stoimenova
Aim/Purpose. This paper examines the Bulgarian educational policy in the field of information technology and cybersecurity in particular. Background. The massive penetration of technology into daily life and the economy is transforming the possibilities for work, learning, communication, access to information, and spending free time. The result is a global electronic environment that provide ...
training programs, educational policy, information technology, cybersecurity
Merav Aizenberg
Aim/Purpose. The study aimed to examine the remote and face-to-face experience of pedagogical training in kindergarten after the third COVID-19 closure in Israel. Background. The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 changed the training system, and preservice teachers were required to have their practical experience in the kindergartens both remotely and face-to-face. They had to adapt t ...
remote pedagogical training, face-to-face pedagogical training, preservice kindergarten teachers, kindergartens, COVID-19
Gila Cohen Zilka
Aim/Purpose. This study examined the self-perception of adolescents and young people aged 17-21 – how they perceived their personal characteristics, self-image, vitality, belonging to a local and global (glocal) society, happiness index and activity, media usage habits in general and smartphones in particular – in other words, it sought to produce a sketch of their character. Background. Diff ...
information and communication technology (ICT), smartphones, teenagers, young adults, generation Z, cluster analysis
Mosa Alokla, Mais Alkhateeb, Dipl. Mohammad Alokla
Hybrid learning first appeared in the late 1990s as a new way of teaching for distance learning that used computers and the internet to improve students' learning and encourage teachers to change their teaching techniques, resulting in a shift in learning from a teacher-centered model to a more student-centered model. This study contributed to theory, practice, empirical and policy. Theoretically ...
The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Hybrid Learning (HL), Community College of Qatar (CCQ), MOH IN Qatar, COVID-19, Square Structural Equation Model (PLS-SEM)
Ruti Gafni, Moshe Leiba, Sofia Sherman
Aim/Purpose. This study aims to explore undergraduate IS students’ employability skills development while performing their final capstone project during their academic studies. Background. The importance of soft skills in the Information Systems industry is not an arguable fact and has been broadly discussed both in the industry and the academic literature. The ability of professionals to col ...
employability skills, capstone projects, soft skills, motivation, information systems studies, student reflections
Maayan Nakash, Dan Bouhnik
Aim/Purpose. COVID-19 was an unprecedented disruptive event that accelerated the shift to remote work and encouraged widespread adoption of digital tools in organizations. This empirical study was conducted from an organizational-strategic perspective, with the aim of examining how the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak affected employees’ use of organizational information systems (IS) as reflected in fr ...
COVID-19, new normal, information systems, information technology, remote work, digital transformation, workplace environment
Loreen Powell, Michalina Hendon
Aim/Purpose. Examination of student’s preferences regarding educational modalities after the COVID-19 pandemic. Background. It is necessary to investigate whether the mode of course delivery (online or traditional) offered by educational institutions aligns with the preferences of students, or if students are limited to enrolling in courses based solely on the available course modalities. ...
online learning, higher education, post pandemic
Wissal Neji, Naouel Boughattas, Faten Ziadi
Aim/Purpose. The aim of this study is to propose a teaching approach based on AI-based chatbot agents and to determine whether the use of this approach increases the students’ motivation. Background. Today, chatbots are an integral part of students’ lives where they are used in various contexts. Therefore, we are interested in incorporating these tools into our teaching process in order to pr ...
AI, chatbots, digital tools, student motivation
David C Coker
Aim/Purpose The purpose of the research was to examine the function and application of delimitations—what the researcher includes and excludes in a study—in the dissertation process. The aim was to map the delimitations process to improve research, rigor and relevance of findings, and doctoral completion rates using a formalized and standardized approach applied flexibly. Background All res ...
delimitations, dissertation, education research, thematic analysis, doctoral education
Jeffrey A Bohler, Benjamin Larson, Steven Sherman, Hugh Mills
Aim/Purpose. Early identification of students at risk of not achieving course learning objectives enables instructors to intervene earlier to help students succeed. One of the first student course engagement activities is registration. This study aims to determine if registration timing correlates with student success in an online STEM course. Background. Student success is based on achieving ...
higher education, academic achievement, student retention, course registration behavior, learning interventions, at-risk students, linear regression
Azad Ali, Shardul Pandya, UMESH C VARMA
Aim/Purpose. The purpose of this study is to introduce an instrument that contains a set of exercises intended to help doctoral students align the key sections of their dissertation document. The exercises are developed after providing cognitive analysis of the factors that make aligning these key sections challenging to many, and after discussing pedagogical tools that can be used to address the ...
doctoral dissertation alignment, aligning sections of a doctoral dissertation, doctoral dissertation challenges
Stephen J. Andriole
Aim/Purpose. Business schools need to design, develop and deliver courses that are relevant to business problem-solving. Current pedagogies do not often provide the insight – or experience – necessary to close the gap between theory and practice. Background. The paper describes an initiative to design, develop and deliver courses in business-technology problem-solving that thoroughly immers ...
experiential learning, immersive learning, cases, relevance, business
Bryan D Berthot
Aim/Purpose. This is a literature review that defines agile supply chain management (ASCM), discusses several competing theories (particularly ones with some empirical evidence), their research limitations (e.g., cultural and industry homogeneity), and future directions for research that would add to the field’s body of knowledge. Background. Agile supply chain management (ASCM) is a relative ...
adaptability, agile supply chain management (ASCM), agility, alignment, leagile, lean, supply chain
Chaya Liebeskind, Giedre Valunaite Oleskeviciene
Aim/Purpose. The most crucial aspects of teaching a foreign language to more advanced learners are building an awareness of discourse modes, how to regulate discourse, and the pragmatic properties of discourse components. However, in different languages, the connections and structure of discourse are ensured by different linguistic means which makes matters complicated for the learner. Backgro ...
translation, corpus, multi-word expression, discourse, discourse marker
Roshanak Basty, Asuman Celik, Hazem Said
Aim/Purpose . This paper aims to answer the research question, “What are the development phases of the academic discipline of information technology in the United States?” This is important to understand the reason for the growing talent gap in the information technology (IT) industry by reviewing the evolution of information technology across time, how the discipline was formed, evolved, and gai ...
information technology, discipline of information technology, systematic literature review
Nouf Alsuwaida
Aim/Purpose. This study designed and evaluated the impact of using a blended course and Web 2.0 tools into the “Design Fundamentals and Elements” course of a fine arts bachelor’s program at a Saudi Arabian university. The study also examined how students used Web 2.0 tools to improve their learning in the design of a blended (hybrid) course following the Quality Matters TM Higher Education Rubric ...
blended course, Web 2.0, fine art
Eitan Giat, Michael Dreyfuss, Yahel Giat
Aim/Purpose. Patients’ length of stay in emergency departments (ED) is a widespread problem that poses great hardship on patients and health providers alike. This paper’s purpose is to reduce length of stay (LOS) for patients presenting to the ED with headaches. Background. The increasing number of patients admitted to emergency departments challenges administrators to find ways to reduce the ...
electronic medical records, emergency department, length of stay, patient flow
Jackalyn S Appalsami, Mishack Gumbo
Aim/Purpose. The study intends to develop a theoretical framework that inter-relates the theories of social constructivism and connectivism with the philosophy of ubuntu to online homeschooling post the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, a diagrammatical theoretical framework is presented to indicate how these theories and philosophy are intertwined. Background. The spread of coronaviruses caug ...
homeschooling, online, connectivism, ubuntu, social constructivism
Irene Govender
Aim/Purpose. This study seeks to understand the various ways information systems (IS) students experience introductory programming to inform IS educators on effective pedagogical approaches to teaching programming. Background Many students who choose to major in information systems (IS), enter university with little or no experience of learning programming. Few studies have dealt with students’ ...
information systems, introductory programming, outcome space, phenomenography
Josette R Riep, Kemi Akanbi, Hazem Said
Aim/Purpose. The goal of this publication is to explore methods for advancing student success in technology related disciplines via improved program classification and selection within higher education. Background. Increased demand for information technology (IT) professionals has been cited as a challenge in many fields including cybersecurity and software development. Many highlight the cha ...
information technology, systemic literature review, STEM, discipline, classification
Madeleine V. S. Schneider, Christine Bakke
Aim/Purpose. This study aims to document the results of Student Ownership of Learning through the development of a software application to support dementia patients. The research strives to create an agile career-like experience connected to software development courses to overall improve the learning outcome for students. Background. Most online classes are limited to lectures, homework, and ...
student ownership of learning, dementia, software development, software engineering, programming, Scrum, professional experiences, learning outcomes
James J Meadows, Samuel Sambasivam
Aim/Purpose. The problem statement in the proposed study focuses on that, despite the growing recognition that teenagers need to undergo security awareness training, little is known about the impacts security training experts believe implementing a mandatory gamified security awareness training curriculum in public middle schools will have on the long-term security behavior of students in Texas. ...
cybersecurity, security awareness training, gamification, security habits, middle school security training
Christine Bakke
Aim/Purpose. Courses that include development of complex software projects aim to provide career-like experiences prior to a software development-focused capstone. This research shares an international collaborative project (COIL) whereby a remote instructor and their students are the clients for an undergraduate project-focused coding course. Background. This work builds on previous multi-ye ...
experiential learning, COIL, Agile, Scrum, software development, programming, student ownership of learning, active learning, iterative development, design-based research, computer science, information technology, software engineering, software development
Cynthia Smangele Ntuli, Mishack Gumbo
Aim/Purpose. This phenomenological qualitative study explores the views of Unisa students and tutors on the Africanisation of tutor support in Open Distance Learning by taking the African worldview of students into account. Background. Tutor support is a widely used phenomenon in different spheres of education including institutions of higher learning to promote equity of access and fair cha ...
tutor support, open distance learning, Africanisation, transformation, students
Anthony J Kampa, Christine Bakke
Aim/Purpose . This paper explores how best to implement Agile style courses into university curriculum. It is a starting point for teachers who are unsure how to structure their classes in an Agile way. Background. This paper explores the researcher’s experiences with Agile in the classroom, outside the classroom and in a professional setting. Recommendations are made on how to best introduce ...
Agile development, Scrum, software development, information technology, software engineering, classroom teaching
Jonathan Marquez, Joy C Penman
Aim/Purpose. This study seeks to determine the impact of a card game intervention in improving the English verbal communication of nursing students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Background. Many international students studying in Australia experience setbacks in their university studies due to English language difficulties. This paper out-lines how an educational car ...
card game, nursing, English language learning, ESL, Verbal communication skills
Shijiao Jia, Madhubala Bava Harji
Aim/Purpose. The aim of this paper is to present a systematic review of studies conducted on mobile-assisted task-based learning between 2013 to 2022. The primary objectives of the review are to elicit educational and learning contexts, research areas and foci, research trends, methodologies, data collection techniques, mobile technology used, learning outcomes, and issues in mobile-assisted task ...
mobile-assisted learning, mobile-assisted task-based learning, preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, systematic review, task-based learning

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