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Eli Cohen
Table of Contents for IISIT Volume 17, 2020
IISIT, Informing Science, information technology
.i - iii
Joy Penman, Glenna C Lear
Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to illuminate the learning that happens in assuming a supervisee’s role during the postgraduate study. Background: The facilitators and barriers students encountered while pursuing postgraduate studies, strategies to achieve success in postgraduate studies, and how to decrease attrition rates of students, have been sufficiently explored in literature. How ...
postgraduate study, supervisee, autoethnographic reflection, supervisory relationship, transformation
1 - 20
Alrence S Halibas, Rolou Lyn Maata, Mohamed Abdul Kader Varusai, Ali Al-Badi, Peyman Nouraey
Aim/Purpose: The need for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to maximize the use of their intellectual property and strategic resources for research and teaching has become ever more evident in recent years. Furthermore, little attention is paid in developing an enabling system that will facilitate knowledge transfer in the Research-Teaching Nexus (RTN). Hence, this study assesses the current st ...
knowledge management, knowledge management system, research-teaching nexus, social computing, tacit knowledge
21 - 40

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