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Jay Hoecker, Debbie Bernal, Alex Brito, Arda Ergonen, Richard Stiftinger
The current data management systems for the life cycle of scientific models needed an upgrade. What technology platform offered the best option for an Enterprise Data Management system?
analytics, case study, discussion case, information systems, cloud, enterprise data management, models, SWFWMD, water management
Robert W Hammond
Should Syniverse, a company whose principal business involved routing text messages between telecom carriers, re-think its business? Rob Hammond, product executive for enterprise products, wonders if he focus the company on the products it knew, expanding the existing text messaging business into high growth mobile markets, or should he invest in expanding the new product of enabling mobile for bu ...
case study, discussion case, information systems, marketing, enterprise customers, mobile technology, sales, smart phones, SMS
Troy Montgomery
Determining how a corporate real estate organization estimated its project costs was a big decision that impacted budgets, customers, and the bottom line. What recommendations should be made for improvement of cost estimating at our upcoming management meeting?
case study, discussion case, cost estimating, healthcare, make vs. buy, project costing, real estate
Don Berndt, Ricardo Lasa, James McCart
Ricardo Lasa, CEO and co-founder of SiteWit Corporation, and his team faced a critical technology challenge in scaling the core database systems to meet rapidly escalating data volumes. Should he stick with well-known relational database technologies? Or should he re-implement core components in newer, highly distributed NoSQL databases in search of competitive advantages?
case study, discussion case, analytics, database, Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL, SQL
Kaasiefa Gasant, Jean-Paul Van Belle
Joseph Bromer, Head of IT Solutions Delivery at LifeInsure Emerging Markets, deliberated on a challenge that he had just been given. TIBCO, a vendor supporting ObjectStar, notified LifeInsure that support for the application would cease at the end of 2017. ObjectStar was the Product Administration System (PAS) system used by LifeInsure. The ObjectStar platform was called Alpha and was used in over ...
discussion case, case study, information technology, life insurance, product administration system, South Africa
Marc Thomas, Jean-Paul Van Belle
Mark Dumas, a Systems Specialist at a Telecommunications Company located in South Africa needed to make decisions regarding the current virtualized infrastructure platform. These decisions also involved the renewal of hardware that had reached the end of its maintenance period and the latest virtualization platform software. Dumas further needed to formulate a plan to ensure that there was enough ...
discussion case, case study, information technology, mobile, South Africa, telecommunications, virtualization
Kevin A. Johnston, Grandon Gill
South Africa’s largest bank has recently completed a transformation from traditional systems development to the scaled agile framework. The individual leading the transformation is now considering how to keep the momentum going and possible new directions. Josef Langerman, Head of IT Transformation for Standard Bank, reflected on the extraordinary transformation that his organization’s IT group ...
discussion case, case study, agile programming, banking, organizational transformation, scrum, South Africa
Kim Cupido, Jean-Paul Van Belle
A South African insurance company is considering how to automate the process of handling home insurance repair claims in order to make the process more efficient and improve the customer experience. Should they stick with the status quo, develop their own system, purchase existing technology or employ a hybrid solution? ABC Insurance was a leading short-term insurer in South Africa. The FSB (Fi ...
discussion case, case study, insurance, make-or-buy, mobile app, South Africa
Utkarsh Shrivastava, Taufeeq Mohammed
After the successful launch of a DBA program for working executives, the program’s academic director ponders whether or not there might be an opportunity to create a cybersecurity doctoral program based on the existing program’s research core. Grandon Gill, Academic Director of the Doctorate of Business Administration Program (DBA) at the University of South Florida’s (USF) Muma College of Busi ...
business research, cybersecurity, DBA, doctoral education, executive education
Taufeeq Mohammed, Utkarsh Shrivastava, Ashish K Das, Quynh Thi Nguyen
A professor in information systems discovers that his personal website has been hacked. Even worse, his ISP has suspended his site because the defacement included a PayPal phishing scheme. This is not the first time this has happened. How should he recover? Dr. T. Grandon Gill, a Professor in the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department at the University of South Florida, was travel ...
cybersecurity, defacement, hacking, malware, PayPal, phishing
Grandon Gill, Bernardo Rodrigues
A physicist who studies the human brain has adapted dynamic logic, a machine learning algorithm he developed, to run on a test database of network traffic. The algorithm has proven surprisingly adept at identifying malware traffic. Now he ponders how the project might move forward, given that cybersecurity is entirely outside of his domain of expertise (and interest). Dr. Leonid Perlovsky, dist ...
cybersecurity, detect, dynamic logic, machine learning, malware, unsupervised
Jonathan Elder, Nicole Jacobson, Natalie Remsen, Kim Wilmath
A client of a security services firm has received an email from the dark web demanding a ransom or it will start selling data it has stolen from the client. The client as asked for the firm’s assistance in paying the ransom. How should the company proceed? It was late on a Friday afternoon. The ReliaQuest Security Operations Center was busy as usual, but nothing was out of the ordinary. ReliaQu ...
bitcoin, cybersecurity, dark web, hacking, ransomware, security services
Grandon Gill
Table of Contents of Journal of Information Technology Education: Discussion Cases, Volume 6, 2017
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