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Tian Luo, Kathryn MacCallum
Table of Contents of the Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice, Volume 23, 2024
information technology education, JITE, innovations in practice, table of contents
.i - iv
Vishal Soodan, Avinash Rana, Anurag Jain, Deeksha Sharma
Aim/Purpose: This mixed-methods study aims to examine factors influencing academicians’ intentions to continue using AI-based chatbots by integrating the Task-Technology Fit (TTF) model and social network characteristics. Background: AI-powered chatbots are gaining popularity across industries, including academia. However, empirical research on academicians’ adoption behavior is limited. This stu ...
artificial intelligence, chatbots, network, homophily, TTF
Monica Cárdenas, Daniela Rocio Ramirez Orellana
Aim/Purpose: This exploratory qualitative case study examines the perceptions of high-school learners of English regarding a pedagogical intervention involving progressive reduction of captions (full, sentence-level, keyword captions, and no-captions) in enhancing language learning. Background: Recognizing the limitations of caption usage in fostering independent listening comprehension in non-ca ...
caption reliance, pedagogical innovation, listening comprehension, language learning, Chile
Pedro Coelhoso, Stavroula Kalogeras
Aim/Purpose: The digital ecosystem has contributed to the acceleration of digital and mobile educational tools across institutions worldwide. The research displays educators’ perspectives on web applications on mobile devices that can be used to engage and challenge students while impacting their learning. Background: Explored are elements of technology in education and challenges and successes r ...
mobile instructional technology, mobile devices, higher education, apps in education, mobile learning
Kanyarat Sriwisathiyakun
Aim/Purpose: To conduct a needs assessment and subsequently create micro-storytelling media aimed at enhancing the Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) skills of young individuals. Background: In today's digital society, DQ has emerged as a vital skill that elevates individuals in all aspects of life, from daily living to education. To empower Thai youth, this study seeks to innovate DQ content by ...
Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ), Digital Micro Storytelling, Needs Assessment, Youth
Mukhlidi Muskhir, Afdal Luthfi, Ronal Watrianthos, Usmeldi Usmeldi, Aprilla Fortuna, Agariadne Dwinggo Samala
Aim/Purpose: This study explores the subject structure, social networks, research trends, and issues in the domain that have the potential to derive an overview of the development of virtual reality-based learning media in vocational education. Background: Notwithstanding the increasingly growing interest in the application of virtual reality in vocational learning, the existing research literat ...
virtual reality, bibliometric, vocational education
Emmanuel Fokides, Georgia Lagopati
Aim/Purpose: This review’s main objective was to examine the existing literature on the use of 3D printers in primary education, covering students aged six to twelve across general, special, and inclusive educational environments. Background: A review of the literature indicated a significant oversight – prior reviews insufficiently distinguish the application of 3D printing in primary education ...
3D printers, additive manufacturing, educational technology, primary education, scoping review

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