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The Muma Business Review (MBR) is a new peer-reviewed open access journal specifically intended to serve the needs of both the practitioner-researcher. Its mission is to publish empirical findings and conceptual analyses that have been rigorously developed, that are communicated in a manner that is accessible to practicing managers and, most importantly, that address the real world challenges faci ...
Mission, authors, reviewers, editors, readers, policies
1 - 8
Robert W Hammond
There is no one best course through a Doctorate of Business Administration program but there are paths that maximize your time and value. Some people will wander through the research wilderness until having an epiphany, while others will treat the program like a journey-man and “do the work”, and still others will panic at the end of the third semester and “have to pick a topic for the dissertatio ...
Executive Education, DBA, Executive Learning, Active Learner, Life-long Learner
9 - 29
Troy Montgomery
Chris Kay, Humana’s Chief Innovation Officer, shared insights into the innovation decision-making process. Kay discussed specific strategies employed by Humana to bring consumer insights to action and he shared examples of the development of innovation ideas. “The first, and most often wrong, question is, ‘How much is this worth?’” Chris Kay, the Chief Innovation Officer at the $50B health and we ...
Humana, Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Co-creation, Chief Innovation Officer
31 - 38
Robert W Hammond
Firms struggle with transforming sales teams and sometimes resort to replacing sales people to accomplish business objectives. Sustainability theory provides a framework for analyzing the effects of replacing sales people for all stakeholders. By applying sustainability theory to sales transformation, managers can improve understanding of externalities and thus the total cost of the hiring circle.
Sales, Salespeople, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Externalities, Hiring, Firing, Hiring Cycle, Transformation, Organization Change, Change Management
39 - 45
Robert W Hammond
Companies literally spend billions training sales people and yet continue to have problems transforming sales teams. In support of finding new approaches to this problem the following paper applies different theories to the problem and describes the results of a pilot survey conducted with sales teams in the Americas and Asia.
Sales, Innovation Diffusion, Motivation, Organization Change, Training, Change Management, Management
47 - 55
Gilbert Gonzalez
Is Entrepreneurship a skill to be trained, a natural ability, or both? Understanding the source of supply and/or the quantity supplied of entrepreneurs is crucial to encouraging new business creation. Can a community increase the supply and/or quantity supplied of entrepreneurs through programs, training, stimulus, and regulatory change? It is generally agreed that small and medium sized busines ...
Nature, Nurture, Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Entrepreneurship, Intentions, Startup, Small And Medium Business (SME), Stimulus, Factors of Production, Jobs, Employment, Incubator, Small Business Development Center
57 - 67
Troy Montgomery
Organizations are constantly seeking ways to reinvent themselves through innovation. The process of selecting ideas in the early stages of innovation has a significant impact on the probability for success of new products or services. This paper investigates the critical factors organizations consider in the selection process. Innovation management in organizations should be viewed in the conte ...
Decision-making, Idea Selection, Innovation, New Product, New Service, Selection Criteria
69 - 80
Gilbert Gonzalez
Using the Risk Analysis for Initial Needs (RAIN) planning model and its resource-based audit (RBA) tool to support the creation of a time zero startup business plan will improve the perceived value of the startup plan to founders and stakeholders by identifying gaps between the needs and availability of the needed resources at time zero. The case has been made that successful startups are benefic ...
81 - 95
Gilbert Gonzalez
A summary of a qualitative and quantitative investigation into what factors are present at time zero that increase the probability that a startup will achieve long term sustainability. The findings of this study will empower advisors and founders on how to improve startup survival rates. Survival rates for startups in the United States (U.S.) are disappointingly low and economically inefficient ...
Accelerator., Business Canvas., Business Creation, Business Model, Business Plan, Incubator, Launch, Lean Canvas, Lean Strategy, Startup, Startup Business Plan, Strategy, Sustainability
97 - 114
Michiel Bosman, Joan Swart
Open Forest is a provider of online mental health self-help programs and, in this context, it is crucial to understand the needs of potential users. With a high prevalence of ADHD, user needs to establish commitment and loyalty centered on the ability to engage with others online. Access of care, purported cost savings and convenience for both clients and healthcare professionals are but some ...
Amazon Mechanical Turk, Behavioral Research, Healthcare Management, Self-Help, Social Exchange Theory, Social Penetration Theory, Telemental Health
115 - 124
Richard J Tarpey
Labor cost is the single highest expense for hospitals. Rather than relying on new technology, this case study seeks to utilize Human Interaction Management to redesign work structure and process to improve labor forecasting and scheduling outcomes. This study takes a distinctly unique approach to the hospital workforce planning (forecasting and scheduling) problem. The study is differentiated ...
Hospital Labor, Hospital Scheduling, Hospital Staffing, Human Interaction Management, Workload Demand Forecasting.
125 - 139
Clinton Daniel
In a study published in 2015 by Ganesan, Brantley, Pan, and Chen (Ganesan, Brantley, Pan, & Chen, 2015) researchers recognized that there is a problem with the search process when trying to visualize the correlation between a large collections of documents and a given set of topics. Chaney and Blei emphasize in a 2012 study the importance of science, industry, and culture to have the ability to ex ...
141 - 155
James E Fulford
During the initial literature review on this research question, areas of focus included the following: • Current qualitative and quantitative methodologies for technology risk analysis. • Business applications for expanding the use of qualitative and quantitative technology and security risk models. • Implementation of qualitative and quantitative technology and security risk analysis methodolo ...
Quantitative Risk Models, Qualitative Risk Models, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Technology Risk Management System.
158 - 169
Rebecca J Smith
Facilities management has become increasingly challenging over the years as facilities expand and the cost of construction increases, all while available funds continues to remain volatile. Deferred maintenance is a mounting problem that is insurmountable in some cases. Why is this the case and how did we get here?
Lack of funding, growth cycle, productivity, crisis, asset, facilities management, maintenance budget, priority, communication, knowledge, strategic plan
171 - 188
Gilbert Gonzalez
Academic researchers and practitioners disagree on the value and methodology of creating a startup plan. An analysis of the differences and the motivations of these two district communities gives insight into the challenges of planning a successful launch.
startup, startup plan, business plan, business creation, emerging business, SWOT, auditing, incubator, lean strategy, lean startup, founding, strategic management, early stage business, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, accelerator, time zero plan, initial business plan
189 - 197
Rebecca J Smith
Facilities management has become increasingly challenging over the years. Given all that history has shown us regarding catastrophic failures due to a lack of maintenance, why do public facilities continue expanding at a rate that surpasses the ability and/or commitment to responsibly maintain them?
Lack of funding, growth cycle, productivity, crisis, asset, facilities management, maintenance budget, priority, communication, knowledge, strategic plan, outsource, technology, training
199 - 215
Rebecca J Smith
Based on both historic and current study, the industry of facilities management faces an ever growing challenge that puts our public assets at risk. The outcry for additional funding has become universal. Unfortunately, the federal and state governments delegate responsibility for funding solutions down to the local governments. The result; our public facilities are suffering chronic deferred m ...
Lack of funding, growth cycle, productivity, facilities management, maintenance budget, priority, communication, knowledge, strategic plan, technology, training, outsourcing
217 - 231
Desmond (Tres) Bishop
This article provides value to hiring managers and academics by positing a conceptual model that could potentially revitalize the methods employed to train, coach, interview and hire new college graduates. The model shows that success (measured as employee productivity) is the summation of education (hard skills) plus experience (time in one’s domain) plus soft skills. Each of the variables (empl ...
Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Employee Productivity, Education, Experience, Cost, Culture
233 - 239
Hugh Bettendorf
Economic Development Zones were created to reduce unemployment in depressed areas of the country. Different levels of government offer companies’ incentives to relocate to these areas or expand their business by creating Economic/Empowerment/Enterprise Zones. These incentives for relocating, expanding, or starting a business can be very lucrative for a company. Understanding why there is a disconn ...
Rural Enterprise Zone, Enterprise Zone, Economic Development District, Economic Development Strategy, Housing and Urban Development, Rural Development, Smart Rural Development, Rural Incubator, Empowerment Zone, Enterprise community, and Promise Zone.
241 - 249

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