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What triggered the crash of the U.S. housing market? This analysis looks at the economic and industry forces that led to an economic downturn that put as many as half of all U.S. residential builders out of business. Since the Great Depression, the U.S. housing market has significantly influenced economic production and employment levels. Direct and indirect investments in the housing industry, a ...
Business Failure, Economics, Financial Bubbles, Financial Regulations, Great Recession, Home Building, Housing Bubbles, Housing Market, Sub-Prime Lending
1 - 19
Ramil Cabela
The discovery and development of life-saving drugs have been central to improving health worldwide. However, the state of pharmaceutical innovation has been recently challenged due to falling industry outputs, with breakthrough therapies remaining elusive for many companies. Sustaining drug innovations is a top priority for pharmaceutical executives. This researcher examines existing literature to ...
Pharmaceutical innovation, management strategies, sustained innovation, biopharmaceutical, R&D, strategic alliances.
21 - 36
Murad J Antia
The president recently signed an executive order fulfilling his pledge to reduce federal regulations because it is a widely held belief that unfettered business activity and free-market solutions are integral to economic growth and prosperity, and that government intervention and regulation would be inimical to growth and prosperity. It is difficult to argue with the success of a laissez-faire ec ...
Competition, rent-seeking, monopoly, regulations, government, information asymmetry, externalities, rent-seeking, economic growth.
37 - 42
Desmond (Tres) Bishop
Quality management (QM) in one of its many forms has become an integral part of contemporary business. Since its mainstream introduction to the United States in the early 80’s it has become more than a strategy or a competitive differentiator. QM is now a customer expectation. Most of the voluminous research done in this field was conducted by large businesses for large businesses. However, th ...
Quality, Quality management, TQM, Small business, SME, Small enterprise
43 - 54
Christian G Koch
The Legend of Martha Stewart: Insider Trading For decades institutional investment managers and individual investors have searched for different ways to make outsized returns in the stock market. Finance theories were created by academics to suggest that this task is not possible because the market is efficient. However, as a scholar-practitioner, I have come to realize that Insider Trading discl ...
Insider trading; Inside information; information content; Sarbanes-Oxley Act; Efficient market hypothesis; Stock returns; Insider transactions; Electronic filings; Financial market anomaly.
55 - 61
Carl E Gilmore
This Industry Analysis looks into the aspects of the stakeholders within the constructs of the college football environment and seeks to explain the various impacts on key stakeholders within the constructs of this industry. More importantly this research tracks the student-athlete both decision paths of the process of seeking a professional football career or an education with the benefits to pla ...
NCAA, Division I, Student-Athlete, Parents, College Football, Conferences, SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Conference USA, High School, Recruiting, Recruit, Coach, Head Coach, African American, Student, University, College, College Football, Football, NFL Draft, NFL, Revenue, Academics, National Championship, BCS
63 - 82
Darren Spencer
According to Michael Kratsios, Deputy US Technology Officer, and Executive Assistant of President, UASs will contribute to 100,000 new jobs and provide nearly $80 Billion in economic impact in the United States over the next decade, but "errant use poses unique safety and technological challenges" (Kratsios, 2018). It is these two opposing potential results that pit the advocates for fully integra ...
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Aerial Photography, DJI, Drones, FAA, Disruptive Technology, Aviation, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Agriculture, Construction
83 - 104
Darren Spencer
The UAS industry is experiencing a rapid expansion, doubling every year since 2013, as adopters of this disruptive technology find new ways to benefit from these aerial platforms (Spencer, 2018). Of particular interest is the use of small to medium sized UASs, with a cost to the user of less than $2,000 that are the catalyst for this growth. Despite this rapid growth, UAS operators claim an inabil ...
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Aerial Photography, DJI, Drones, FAA, Disruptive Technology, Aviation, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Agriculture, Construction.
105 - 121
Darren Spencer
The commercial unmanned aircraft industry exists in a rapidly evolving and uncertain environment, with a multitude of well-established, well-financed stakeholders in associated industries each vying to influence that environment. Although influence can come in many forms, Congress holds the ultimate power, and gives agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) a recurring authorization ...
Drones, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, FAA, Reauthorization Act of 2018, UAS, H.R. 4, S. 1405, H.R. 302
123 - 128
Hugh Bettendorf
The researcher provides information about Economic Development Zones to assist readers’ understanding of these programs. Then, business leaders would be able to make informed decisions about the merits of these programs and whether it makes sense for them to relocate their businesses to one of Florida’s Economic Development Zones
Rural Enterprise Zone, Enterprise Zone, Economic Development District, Economic Development Strategy, Housing and Urban Development, Rural Development, Smart Rural Development, Rural Incubator, Empowerment Zone, Enterprise community, Entrepreneur, Opportunity Zone and Promise Zone.
129 - 145
James R. Gregory
Intangible assets are growing exponentially as a component of company value, but these assets are often unmanaged due to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), which provide no accountability. This research paper reaffirms and expands a proven alternative approach, which utilizes the CoreBrand Index® to measure, value, and manage intangible assets, and their financial impact on the corpo ...
Intangible assets, fair value, brand equity, innovation, brand value, intangible capital,
147 - 149
Kevin C. Taliaferro
This research investigates the sociological, psychological, and physiological factors known to affect women’s career advancement opportunities. It examines how awareness and knowledge shared through the #MeToo (hashtag Me Too) movement influenced gender specific perceptions about the factors affecting women’s workplace opportunities. Finally, it recommends measures to alter the divergent gender ...
Equality, Workplace, Gender, Culture, MeToo, #MeToo
151 - 154
Richard J Tarpey
Hospitals typically plan and allocate labor from a siloed, department focused perspective. This approach, however, does not align with the system perspective of patient movement through a hospital. This disconnect results in a breakdown of system feedback loops concerning labor planning and allocation resulting in sub-optimized results. A systemic, centralized approach to labor planning and all ...
Labor Staffing, Labor Scheduling, Hospital Labor Management, Performance Metrics
155 - 158
David C. Pickard
The purpose of this research is to examine the progressive and regressive factors that affect a small business owner’s decision to implement an exit strategy. An exit strategy can be defined as an entrepreneur’s strategic plan to sell his or her investment in a company he or she has controlling interest in. An exit strategy gives a business owner a way to reduce or eliminate his or her stake in th ...
Exit planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, small business, entrepreneurship
159 - 164

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